Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Future Fashion Project

In cooperation with the R.I.S.E. Sustainable Fashion Innovation Platform from Shanghai as well as Hamburg actors such as the association nextReality Hamburg, the HAW Hamburg and the Stadtreinigung Hamburg , the Design Zentrum Hamburg will present sustainable and digital ways for the fashion of the future with a multimedia exhibition as well as the supporting program Future Fashion Nights within the framework of "China Time Hamburg 2022" from November 18 to December 4, 2022.

The fashion world is facing a huge upheaval. In order to curb climate heating, the industry must cut its emissions by half and establish raw material-neutral recycling systems. In the search for innovative and sustainable solutions, a new generation of fashion designers is developing numerous ecologically sensible and aesthetically convincing ideas that can successfully transform the industry.


  • Vernissage: 11/18/22 at 7pm (free registration)
  • Exhibition: 19.11.22 to 4.12.22, daily from 14-19 clock 
  • Future Fashion Nights: 11/23, 11/24, 11/25/22, each at 7 p.m. (tickets)




At the vernissage on Friday, 18.11. the physical collections of the Chinese designers will be staged in a short presentation. The vernissage starts at 7 pm at the Design Zentrum Hamburg.

Free registration


Part I: The winners of the "RISE UP Sustainable Fashion Design Challenge".
Contribution from Shanghai.

The Future Fashion Project presents the fashion collections of the finalists of the competition "RISE UP Sustainable Fashion Design Challenge" of the project partner "R.I.S.E. Sustainable Fashion Innovation Platform" from Shanghai. The exhibition at the Design Zentrum Hamburg shows physical and multimedia exhibits of Chinese designers.

Part II: Modeverwertungsverfahren. A project of HAW Hamburg with Stadtreinigung Hamburg. Under the direction of Prof. Linn Schröder and Prof. Kai Dünhölter.

More and more retailers, brands and customers are looking for new consumption models for fashion, for alternatives to the production and sale of ever new products. The second-hand market is growing and is expected to double to 34 billion euros by 2025.In the fashion project Modeverwertungsverfahren, students at HAW Hamburg developed new clothing from old textiles from STILBRUCH, the used goods purchasing department of Stadtreinigung Hamburg, and recycling yardsOutfits were created as well as numerous fashion photos that do not forego either fashion or artistic appeal.

Participating students:
Fashion: Carina Göhler, Jacob Landwehr, Kea Uhlig, Lena Kurtz, Luise Katharina Schu, Michelle Patzi, Noah Dubbe, Franziska Lorenz Peper, Leonie Reuter, Lorin Gerstmann, Sarah Broecker, Svea Christiansen, Vanessa Drozdowski, Rani Charlo e Hawae, Michelle Patzi Figueroa, Shiva Filippzik
Photography: Melvyn Berger, Amelie Sophie Heinrich, Johanna, Lick, Lily Lemcke, Marlene Hoberger, Leah Meyerstrack, Maximilian Neretin, Anja Marie Scholze, Lisa Werdermann.

Open daily from 2-7 p.m. A ticket is not required.

Future Fashion Nights

Does the future belong to fashion made of pixels and bytes? Virtual fashion is already generating billions in sales. Two evenings with international speakers who will discuss the topic of digital fashion in workshops and lectures. From 23-24 November, from 7 p.m. each evening, curated and organized by nextReality.Hamburg. 

Wednesday,Nov. 23.: 7 p.m.: Panel Talk: Digital fashion, fashion in virtual space, what is possible, where are we and what does the future look like? 

In the metaverse, collections are already being launched in digital showrooms. Virtual fashion is already generating immense sales and new, promising business models and distribution channels are emerging all the time: Fashion already takes place virtually, whether in video games or as purely digital garments in the form of 3D designs, which are diligently disseminated by users on social media. And the topics of sustainability and consumer behavior also play an elementary role at the interface of real and virtual fashion. The potential of current developments is enormous, as are the challenges. 


  • Judith Brachem Art historian

  • Kim Berndt Co Founder & Creative Director, Studio.fbx
  • Yifan Pu Digital Fashion Artist
  • Stephy Fung 3D Digital Fashion Artist, London
  • Daniela Dinnes Moderation

To the tickets

Thursday, Nov. 24., 7 p.m.: Workshop: Digital Fashion Design Process Workshop: AR in Fashion or how I can wear digital fashion.
with Anna Liedtke (The Fabricant)

As new technologies advance, so does the fashion industry. Especially Augmented Reality will play a central role in the fashion world in the future. For example, 3D objects of clothing can be projected onto a body via the cell phone camera. The result can be seen on the cell phone screen and photos and videos can also be taken. AR technology can enable young designers to work more creatively than ever before by integrating the technology into their processes. Not only does this save time and money, but it enables creative minds to work with fewer resources - less fabric, fewer man-hours, etc. - to visualize ideas. - to visualize ideas and save the environment in the process.

Who is this workshop for?

Primarily for fashion designers* and creatives who want to explore more ways to visualize their ideas. Most of the time, the question with digital fashion is "What can I do with it?". We want to create an example of an AR experience and show how to easily incorporate it into a workflow. Additionally, we also want to go through the limitations of today's technology and how we can shape the future together.

It is an advantage if you have already had initial experience with the CLO 3D software.



  • Download Lens Studio (free)
  • Snapchat App Mobile
  • CLO 3D (1-month free trial)

Hardware: Laptop (requirements for Lens Studio https://ar.snap.com/download)

Classic Computer Mouse (Please note we are navigating with Microsoft and not Mac, this may cause differences).

Please download the shared materials in advance and save them to your device. You will receive a share drive link with all files.

About workshop host Anna Liedtke

As the multidisciplinary Fashion Director & Researcher for digital fashion brand The Fabricant, Anna Liedtke leads the creative team, combining technology and fashion with the goal of creating innovative solutions for digital fashion projects. Specializing in photorealistic 3D fashion and animation, The Fabricant is an industry leader. At the same time, The Fabricant is working on the development of an equal platform for young fashion designers and brands to visualize and distribute their ideas.

To the tickets

RISE UP Sustainable Fashion Design Challenge:


Hanqing Ding, Shanghai/China

Hanqing Ding (*1994) studied at the Royal College of Arts in London. In the same year she graduated, she founded Xiiang Kni ing Studio in Shanghai, specializing in knitwear fabric development and knitwear design consultancy for brands such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Celine and Louis Vuitton.

    run tan du

    Runtan Du, New York/USA

    Runtan Desmond Du lives in New York and Shanghai. He was born in Qingdao, China, where he grew up before relocating to the United States in 2014. In 2018, he began his studies at Parsons School of Design in New York. His label run tan du debuted at Shanghai Fashion Week 2020 with a summer collection for 2021.

      Permission To Be Human

      Suye Yang, Shanghai/China

      Suye Yang (*1989) studied motion media design at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia/USA before graduating in fashion from New York's Parsons School of Design. She was awarded Young Talent of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers in New York in 2014. She gained professional experience at Marc by Marc Jacobs, at the Public School NYC in the Design Department and as a menswear designer for Uniqlo in Tokyo.


        Shangqian Xu & Yuqing Lai, Guangzhou/China

        MTG was founded by LAI (Yuqing LAI) and CHRISTINE (Shangqian Xu). Both studied at the London College of Fashion and the University of Westminster. After participating in London Fashion Week 2018/19, their designs were featured in magazines such as Bof, Dazed, ID, Fucking Young and others. While LAI participated in ECCO Leather's sustainable product development, CHRISTINE became the first Chinese designer to win the gold medal at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018 with her sustainable collection.


          022397, Paris/Frankreich

          022397 is the founder and creative director of the label 022397BLUFF. The independent fashion brand was founded in Paris in 2019 and presented its first collection at Paris Fashion Week in March 2021. In June 2018, he graduated with a bachelor's degree from L'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne (now L'Institut Français de la Mode) in Paris. For his avant-garde designs 022397 works with 3D models, at the same time styling and the most diverse styles and materials play an important role.

            Tension Archive

            Jinjing Lin, Shanghai/China

            Jinjing Lin (*1998) studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York and at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Her final project was awarded by US Vogue. Her vision is to harmonize sustainability, technology and nature.

              Aesthetic Pill

              Sang Li & Shang Zhang, Beijing/China

              While studying fashion design at the Royal College of Art in London, Shan Zhang and Sang Li founded their label in 2019. Shan Zhang specializes in textile patterns and prints. She showed her graduation collection at London Fashion Week 2020 and her designs have been published in Dazed and Italian Vogue, among others. Sang Li is an expert in sustainably produced knitwear.


              Future Fashion Night:

              Kim Berndt

              Mitbegründerin & Creative Director, Studio.fbx

              Her job in the studio is to take care of the virtual fashion design projects and to put the creatively developed ideas into a visual form. Mentioned by Vogue as "Game Changers of the Future" and named "New wave: Creatives" by the British Fashion Council, Kim and her co-founder Jessica are working on a fully digital garment space by eliminating all physical waste with Studio.fbx. Kim is designing the Metaverse, which focuses on a sustainable approach to digital products in Web 3.0.


              Yifan Pu

              Digital Fashion Artist

              At first she enjoyed making 3d fashion design to produce digital content from an amateur’s perspective. Later on she gets more involved in physical fashion production while constantly being inspired and educated by her peers about sustainability. She has worked on 3d production for Ralph Lauren, GCDS, Puma as well as digital-only fashion house Auroboros. Her artworks have been featured in Vogue Germany, KALTBLUT, HUNGER Magazine, Metaverse Fashion Week etc.

                Stephy Fung

                3D Digital Fashion Artist, London

                Her work frames vibrant colours and balanced composition, paying homage to her Chinese heritage and to also educate her audiences on the culture. She has been working within the 3D field for 4 years and has been experimenting with digital fashion for 2 years. She has worked with clients such Dell, Vogue Singapore, Highsnobiety, Glenfiddich, Jo Malone, Xbox and Paco Rabanne; and has been featured in VICE, Nylon Magazine and Hype Beast.

                Judith Brachem


                Judith Brachem researches clothing and textiles. In 2021, she co-curated the exhibition "virtuelles beiwerk", which was dedicated to the phenomenon of digital fashion for the first time in the German-speaking world. For museums, cultural events and fashion brands, she designs and programs digital projects such as augmented reality apps, Instagram filters and virtual worlds.


                  Anna Liedtke

                  Fashion Director & Researcher, The Fabricant

                  Anna Liedtke leads the creative team at The Fabricant, combining technology and fashion to create innovative solutions for digital fashion projects. The Fabricant specializes in photorealistic 3D fashion and animation, making it a leader in the industry. At the same time, The Fabricant is working to develop an equal platform for young fashion designers and brands to visualize and distribute their ideas. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


                    CHINA TIME 2022

                    CHINA TIME will take place from November 23 to 27, 2022 in Hamburg with the focus on global climate change. The event offers an exchange platform for professional, economic, social and political dialogue with China. This year's CHINA TIME consists of three event parts: The CHINA TIME SYMPOSIUM "Discussing EU-China climatecooperation" in the City Hall, the CHINA TIME CULTURE with many cultural highlightsdistributed throughout the city, and the CHINA WEEKEND with the focus on educational exchange and climate change in the Chinese teahouse Yu Garden in Rotherbaum.The event series CHINA TIME Hamburg is an initiative of the Hamburg Senate, with which the Hanseatic city presents itself as an outstanding China competence location to a broad audience every two years since 2006. CHINATIME Hamburg will be realized for the first time in 2022 with a new concept: The event is more compact in format and clearly focused on the content. Numerous regional and supra-regional institutions, foundations, initiatives, clubs and associations are participating and contributing to the success of the event. Under the leadership of the Senate Chancellery, partners of this year's CHINA TIME include the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Körber Foundation, the Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation and the GIGA Institute. More information

                    China Time 2022

                     Future Fashion Project - Design Zentrum Hamburg
                     Future Fashion Project - Design Zentrum Hamburg


                     Future Fashion Project - Design Zentrum Hamburg
                    https://nextreality.hamburg/ Future Fashion Project - Design Zentrum Hamburg

                    Supported by:

                     Future Fashion Project - Design Zentrum Hamburg
                     Future Fashion Project - Design Zentrum Hamburg


                    Laura Rohloff


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