Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Our mission

With us, design is at the centre. In the heart of Hamburg's HafenCity, we offer design promotion and space for exhibitions, events, projects and exchange both within and with the industry.

Design Zentrum Hamburg

The Design Zentrum Hamburg is the city's initiative for the promotion and visibility of the industry. On the way to the ecological-social transformation of the economy and society, design is considered one of the key competences. The Design Zentrum Hamburg makes the significance and potential of the design industry and its actors visible. With our funding programmes, discussions and further education formats, we create offers for young designers, solo self-employed people and established agencies or companies with an affinity for design. As a network and incubator for new ideas, we promote interdisciplinary exchange at eye level with designers, universities and business. Through our exhibitions, events and experiments in HafenCity, we open ourselves up as a citizen-friendly ideas space for the city.

Since 2018, we have been part of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, the location initiative for the creative industries of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As the former designxport, since its opening in 2014 we have taken over the previous tasks of urban design promotion of the hamburgunddesign° initiative founded in 1995 by the then Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and are supported accordingly with funds from the Ministry of Culture and Media.

Design in Hamburg

We are a contact point and hub for over 12,000 designers who live and work in the Hanseatic city. As freelancers, in design offices, in international agency networks or in companies, they make Hamburg a lively design metropolis. With an annual turnover of around 3 billion euros, the design industry is one of the relevant economic sectors and thus shapes the face and character of the city, not only in terms of design. We support the design industry in its growth, further development and transformation processes and act as an intermediary between industry, business and the design sector.


Laura Rohloff


+ 49 40 23 72 43 5 - 19

As director of the Design Zentrum Hamburg, Frances Uckermann is responsible for the conceptual orientation. She positions the interdisciplinary and internationally oriented centre as a network, incubator for concrete projects and debate venue. She studied Fine Arts and Visual Communication and worked as a creative director for major media brands.

Annika Fitz

Project management

+49 40 23 72 43 5 - 17

Annika Fitz oversees events, is responsible for talent development and building interdisciplinary networks in the areas of young talent, innovation, sustainability and transformation. She studied Industrial Design at the HFBK Hamburg. Her design spectrum ranges from product and interior design for agencies to process design.

Philipp Götz


+49 40 23 72 435 - 38

Philipp Götz kommuniziert für das Design Zentrum Hamburg und das Programm Frei_Fläche der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. Seit seinem Studium an der Universität Hamburg und der Leuphana Universität bewegt sich der Kulturwissenschaftler an der Schnittstelle von Kommunikation, Architektur und Stadtentwicklung. Ob Gruner + Jahr, Internationale Bauausstellung oder Denkmalschutzamt – beruflich hat Philipp die Stadt bereits aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln kennengelernt. Zuletzt war er im Bereich PR für den Bildungsbau der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg tätig.


Arne Schultchen


As founder and creative lead at design for human nature responsible for the design of brands, products, packaging and spatial concepts for renowned national and international clients.


Bjoern Vibrans

Managing Partner, Geschäftsführer, Design3 GmbH


Claudia S. Friedrich

Partnerin, zweigrad Industrial Design


Dorothea Wenzel

Dekanin Fakultät DMI, HAW Hamburg


Elisabeth Plass

CCO, Founder, Eiga Design


Gabriele Günder

Editor in Chief, Publisher, PAGE


Heinrich Paravicini

CCO, Founder, MUTABOR Design GmbH


Jan Kruse

Geschäftsführer, LIGALUX GmbH


Jesta Brouns

CEO, Design Factory International, Schulleiterin


Karel J. Golta

Gründer, Geschäftsführer, INDEED Innovation GmbH


Katrin Oeding

Multi-award-winning designer and jury member of the largest international creative festivals, founder and managing director of Studio Oeding.


Kristina Bonitz

Co-CEO, diffferent GmbH


Luca Christmann

Co-Founder, ReDo


Lukas Cottrell

Managing Partner, Peter Schmidt Group


Ulrich Schweig

Managing Partner, Teams Design Hamburg GmbH



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